Services and Fees



Counselling/Psychotherapy (inc. Applied EFT)


Counselling and Psychotherapy are forms of talking therapy that help you to work through any emotional and mental health issues that you may be experiencing. Talking therapy enables you to open up about things, explore and talk about your thoughts and feelings and learn to understand how and why these are affecting you. Our work will be underpinned by the Person Centred Model, which enables me to use empathy and understanding and to be non-judgmental. I provide a safe and confidential therapeutic setting in which you can then start to make positive changes and move forwards to a happier, more contented future.

I also offer ‘Walk and Talk’ Therapy, which enables us to walk together as we work, using mindfulness skills as we go.

Applied EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique is an additional tool to enable you to minimise or remove the emotional impact of an event, issue or condition. It can enable you to rebalance your emotional wellbeing and focuses exclusively on the emotions or feelings associated with life events, issues or conditions. EFT has been found to be successful in a wide range of groups, including hospital patients, war veterans, victims of sexual violence, school children, college students, teachers, health care workers, cancer patients, athletes, pre-surgery patients, mothers, dental patients, psychotherapists, diabetics, and survivors of natural disasters. Applied EFT can be administered within a normal therapy session, so the fee is the same as those indicated below.

Couples Counselling

Relationship Difficulties

Are you having difficulties in your relationship? Perhaps you have become aware that there are some issues and you have asked yourself what is keeping you together.

If so, couples counselling may provide a safe, confidential environment where you can work through the issues and salvage your relationship. It may enable you to start again, to compromise and work towards a better understanding of each other’s needs, to rebuild trust in each other and develop a new or renewed mutual respect.

If you can relate to the above and want an opportunity to do things better or differently, you may want to get in touch with me to make an enquiry or to arrange your first appointment.

My Role

It is my role to:

  • hold up a mirror so you can both look at your relationship
  • be a neutral party
  • offer a safe environment, within which you can create a new set of expectations of each other
  • listen to you both and ensure that each of you feels heard and understood
  • be a conduit, while you both do the work.

However, it is not my role to:

  • fix your relationship, that work is for you to do
  • decide what happens next
  • determine the way forwards for you both
  • point out who is in the right or wrong
  • place my expectations upon you.

If All Else Fails…

On the other hand, perhaps you feel your relationship has reached the end of the road and you would like my support in bringing it to a conclusion in an amicable and respectful way, for both of you. If you wish, I can provide a safe environment in which you can discuss and agree when and how this might happen.



Individual : £45 per 50 min. session
(£37 for those on means-tested benefits and students)

Couples Counselling : £75 per 75 min. session
(2 sessions paid for in advance)

Organisations, EAPs : Session rate available on application

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