Life Coaching

Life Coaching is the name given to the working relationship between you and your Coach that enables you to succeed in any or all areas of your life. It can provide you with:

  • support and guidance
  • new ways of thinking and being
  • a push in the right direction
  • the ability to overcome anything that comes your way.
             Why work with Susan at Amber Path?

Susan has faced and overcome many issues and obstacles in her life:

  • identified and addressed weaknesses
  • learned from the past
  • let go of old, self-defeating behaviours
  • created a new way of life
  • embraced a culture of positivity and optimism.
She can use her experience and expertise to do the same for you

Susan has a range of relevant professional qualifications to draw upon in the therapeutic relationship and several years of voluntary experience supporting others. She has accepted and adapted to life after loss, overcome addiction and created a life she once only dreamed of – and you can do the same.

Don’t just settle for the life you are living now. Work with Amber Path to take the next step.

        Choose success, freedom and opportunity...

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