Pet Loss

Pet Loss

Many of us have lost pets, perhaps through illness, accident, trauma or euthanasia. However, not everyone understands the depth of loss that you feel when a pet dies. You may hear ‘Oh, well, it was just a dog/cat/horse/hamster… you can get another one’ or something similar. For some reason, some people never get to enjoy and experience the special bond that the rest of us create with our pets. It is a bond that is hard to describe – pets are very loving and forgiving, they don’t hold grudges and they are a fountain of unconditional love and adoration. They live mindfully, in the moment, so they don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring; they just are

Still struggling

If you have experienced the loss of a pet and you are still struggling, it may help you to talk or write about your thoughts and feelings. I am an experienced pet bereavement counsellor and I can support you as you start to adjust to life without your pet. I can listen, as you express those innermost thoughts and feelings that others just don’t understand.

Traumatic loss

You may have experienced a traumatic loss, such as an attack or road incident, which may take you a little longer to come to terms with. If so, let me support you as you start your journey to recovery.

Get in touch

Get in touch and we can arrange a free 30 minute telephone consultation, which will enable me to learn a little of what you are going through and give us both a sense of whether we would work well together. Please go to my contact page to get in touch…

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