“This has been a very worthwhile and rewarding process”

“I have seen other counsellors and therapists in the past and I can honestly say that Susan is the best that I’ve seen.  She’s warm, kind and very honest.  I really did think that this was someone that I could share my innermost thoughts, dreads and fear…”

“Lovely and helpful session as always, I always feel like I’ve achieved something”

“I found my visit with Susan very helpful and positive”

“Susan was fantastic and I feel I’m getting somewhere”

“Really, really helpful.  She understands everything I have been through and going through”

“Very helpful, Sue is fantastic at understanding people’s feelings”

“I have enjoyed the sessions and the work I have done throughout”

“I feel confident I will be able to learn to cope with the future”

“Very helpful, as usual, she keeps me on the right path”

Link to Pre-Assessment Questionnaire